AlliedReliability_PdM_Maturity Matrix Poster_ajc In the world of Preventive Maintenance their are all types of information which can be found.  This is what I consider the one of the best methods to determine the maturity of your current PM Program. A while back I developed this matrix with others I trust in this area. It was then vetted by some of the best experts in Preventive Maintenance in the World.

Sit down with your team and review the PM Maturity Matrix and to determine the level of maturity for your PM Program. If you are a Level 1, it stands for “Not Engagement”, a Level 5 your PM Program is “Best Practice”.


PM Maturity Level – Where are you?

Download a Copy of the PM Maturity Matrix link below: “GP PM Maturity Matrix”, it has taken a long time to get this one right. You are going to love it.                                                           GPAllied PM Maturity Matrix

Please comment on the PM Maturity Matrixyou do have to register to comment. I would appreciate your input.


3 Responses to What is the Level of Maturity of Your Current PM Program

  1. mohamed elnagdy says:

    Dear Mr., Smith,

    it is very interesting and important for maintenance and
    reliability engineers. from long time i was search about some thing like that.

    I already shared this article on face book.

    thanks Ricky.

    • Ricky Smith says:


      Thank you for your comments. I developed this matrix out of frustration because it is impossible to find known best practices in Preventive Maintenance.


  2. Syabis Azwandy Bin Mohd Asit says:

    Dear Mr. Smith,

    Thank you for sharing this valuable information. It is very useful to our new Plant

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