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If an organization is in reactive maintenance and management decided they need to move to proactive maintenance, one must ask themselves the question, “How hard is it to move from Reactive to Proactive Maintenance?”.  Changing from reactive to proactive maintenance requires a total different way of thinking, executing, and managing asset […]

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“PM Procedures are not Built to Stand Alone – Without Effective Replacement / Restoration Procedures Failures will Continue”

In the field of maintenance the traditional approach has been to rely upon the intuitive knowledge and skill of the crafts-persons who conduct it. There is a great deal of pride of workmanship and, […]

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You’ve gotten buy-in from the boss by showing him how much money the organization can make from a good FRACAS. He said, “Great idea! Now go make it happen.” How many new ideas have you seen come and go in your organization? I have seen many through my career and I am sure […]

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What is the True Root Cause of Reactive Maintenance?

– Production
– Maintenance Management
– Site Management
– Corporate
– Lack of Discipline
– Variation in your Maintenance Processes
– Other

The Root Cause of Reactive Maintenance could be fear of the unknown. There are many examples […]

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