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If you are executing Preventive Maintenance on equipment that continues to break down or your maintenance cost continues to increase I recommend you read this article on the 10% Rule of Preventive Maintenance. This short explanation of the 10% Rule of PM may be what you need to take that next step […]

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“PM Procedures are not Built to Stand Alone – Without Effective Replacement / Restoration Procedures Failures will Continue”

In the field of maintenance the traditional approach has been to rely upon the intuitive knowledge and skill of the crafts-persons who conduct it. There is a great deal of pride of workmanship and, […]

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Alumax Mt Holly

by John Day PE, Maintenance and Engineering Manager

(1 of 3 plants worldwide ever to be certified as ”World Class Maintenance”)

Alumax of SC began development of the maintenance management concept with […]

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You’ve gotten buy-in from the boss by showing him how much money the organization can make from a good FRACAS. He said, “Great idea! Now go make it happen.” How many new ideas have you seen come and go in your organization? I have seen many through my career and I am sure […]

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Written By Guest Blogger Lance Bisinger, CMRP Operations Driector, GPAllied 

Getting a hold on managing and tracking mechanical asset health in the industrial and manufacturing environment can be an overwhelming project to undertake. To avoid ‘information overload’, a successful mechanical asset health management […]

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